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Fiscal Sponsorships

In 2021, Arts Council launched a new service to the community by serving as a fiscal agent for projects that fulfil our mission as the chief advocate of arts and culture in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. A fiscal agent is an established IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that agrees to accept donations on behalf of a group that does not have IRS tax exemption. By serving as a fiscal agent for various local projects, we are better able to support the arts and cultural community by accepting funds on our partner's behalf, granting them back to our partner organization, and providing donors a tax deduction for their gift. 

Since Arts Council began offering Fiscal Sponsorships as a service to the community, we have managed more than $1,000,000 of funding for individual artists and arts organizations for projects that uplift our community as a city of arts and innovation. Below, you'll find an overview of our current fiscal sponsorship projects we are presently supporting.

Past fiscal sponsorships include: A Little Prayer (film directed by Angus MacLachlan), Between the Rains (film directed and filmed by Ragtag Collective), and Africans on the Mississippi (film series). 

1 Love Festival

Partner: 1 Love Festival


1Love Festival boasts regional, national, and international musicians, authors, deejays, poets, and visual artists. The festival’s goal is to amplify African Diasporic culture and curate an immersive experience in Winston-Salem.

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Arts District of Winston-Salem

Partner: Arts District of Winston-Salem


ADWS is here to connect with and amplify diverse voices and visions and bring them together at the heart of our city in the Arts District. Through arts-centric events, local partnerships, and passionate community building, we will simultaneously lift our artistic community and make the arts district a destination for the city and beyond.

House Money

Partner: DayDreamersInk Productions


House Money is a feature film that tells the story of Armanti Edwards, an undersized quarterback for a small FCS team who, when his father is accused of murder, must find the courage to lead his team of underdogs against the winningest team in college football history.

How To Feed An Artist_Interview 002.jpg

How to Feed an Artist

Partner: How to Feed An Artist/Garret Ollish


In a dance of art and story, this documentary delves into the reality of the artist’s infamous plight of side hustle life, while advocating for mom-n-pop restaurants as vital watering holes for creative placemaking. This symbiotic relationship is cooked up by a housewife-turned-restaurant-owning chef and served by artists she supported.

Friends of
The Martha Bassett Show

Partner: The Martha Bassett Show


The Martha Bassett Show is recorded live at the historic Reeves Theater in Elkin, NC. This weekly one-hour music program blends the fabric of the national roots and Americana scene with the rich artistry, history, and flair of North Carolina’s Piedmont region. Helmed by one of the state’s most distinguished musicians, the live show features national artists, fresh local faces, and the music of Martha Bassett. Each show is a collaboration in song and conversation between Martha, her band, and the guests.

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The Mighty

Partner: Stone's Throw Films


THE MIGHTY will call for diverse, inspiring story submissions, stories that will be produced in Winston-Salem, perhaps extending in location as far as the Piedmont Triad, but definitely centered in Winston-Salem. 

O&0 Short Film

Partner: Jack Lafferty

After successfully completing production on the O&0 short film, creator Jack Lafferty has moved his sights to longer term goals including establishing a production company in tribute of this first film, development of new films, and a plan to take the O&0 short film to the communities where the impact will be biggest. 

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Piedmont Jazz Alliance

Partner: Piedmont Jazz Alliance

Piedmont Jazz Alliance (PJA) is dedicated to promoting and preserving the art of jazz through concerts, workshops, and educational programs. PJA presents a variety of jazz events throughout the year, including concerts and literary and educational programs. PJA believes that jazz is a vital part of our cultural heritage and a powerful force for good that strengthens connections within our community.  

Pursuit of an Afterlife

Partner: Blue Lane Entertainment, LLC.

Pursuit of an Afterlife is a documentary that explores the scientific research conducted on death phenomena by the two leading researchers in the field – Dr. Raymond Moody and William Peters. "Dying patients and their caregivers frequently experience that which is known as deathbed phenomena, that is, visions of past deceased relatives or friends, religious figures, and a visionary language pertaining to travel (Marzzarino-Willet, PubMed)." Death phenomena generally involve glimpses of an alternative reality that experiencers and researchers reference as being components of a potential afterlife. 

pursuit of an afterlife_edited.jpg

Solstice: A Winter Circus Experience

Partner: Activate Entertainment

SOLSTICE combines circus, dance, theatre, and music into a captivating live performance exploring themes of Winter, Identity, and Memory. Local and international artists combine their talents to show audiences that the ordinary can be quite “extra-ordinary”.

The 75-minute, family-friendly event was developed in Winston-Salem and premiered at Arts Council of Winston-Salem & Forsyth County’s Reynolds Place Theatre in February 2023 before touring to theatres elsewhere in the country.

Winston-Salem Choral Artists

Partner: Winston-Salem Choral Artists

Aesop’s classic fable of the Raven and the Swan is most well interpreted as a warning about the pitfalls of envy, but there is something deeper within the heart of the raven. A lie that has invaded our culture. A lie that threatens our generation. . .  the raven desired not the beauty of the swan—but the worth it believed that beauty conferred.  Envy is just a byproduct of the belief that we must attain worth through our lives in order to matter. That we are only as valuable as what we have. 


Support a Project

Make a gift online via the specific project giving page or mail a check to Arts Council of Winston-Salem & Forsyth County (251 N. Spruce Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101) with the project name in the memo line.


Questions? Contact Katie Hall at or 336-747-1421. 

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