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Artist Opportunities | May 2024


DEADLINE APRIL 30, 2024, 11:59 PM EST 

Based on the book "Who Owns the Ice House?", our upstART program will guide participants to developing an entrepreneurial mindset. At the end, you'll get to host your own booth at a public vendor market - the perfect chance to showcase your products, connect with customers, and start generating revenue.  The entire program, including the vendor market, is completely free for accepted applicants. But you'll need to get your application in by tomorrow night to be considered. Apply using the link below before applications close. 

Please contact with any inquiries or questions.  



The Winston Salem Freedom Schools are looking for four musicians to teach elementary/middle school students drumming and guitar. Below are the schools/ campuses the Freedom Schools are wanting teachers for, and the requirements and specifications for the roles.  

Sunnyside Freedom School 

Location: 2323 Sunnyside Ave., WS 27127 

Purpose: to teach beginning djembe drums to 10, upper-elementary/middle school age scholars; 

Frequency: 2x per week; days TBD 

Time requested: one hour per session, either 1-2pm or 2-3pm 


WFU Freedom School 

Location: WFU Campus 

Purpose: to teach beginning djembe drums to 10, upper elementary age scholars; 

Frequency: 2x per week; days TBD 

Time requested: one hour per session, either 1-2pm or 2-3pm 


Old Town Community Freedom School 

Location; Old Town Elementary School, 3930 Reynolda Road, WS 27106 

Artists are requested for beginning djembe drums and beginning guitar. 

Artist 1: Purpose: to teach beginning djembe drums to 10, middle elementary age scholars; 

Frequency: 2x per week; days TBD 

Time requested: one hour per session, either 1-2pm or 2-3pm 

Artist 2: Purpose: to teach beginning guitar to 10, elementary age scholars; 

Frequency: 2x per week; days TBD 

Time requested: one hour per session, either 1-2pm or 2-3pm 


If you have any questions about the positions, contact Linda Winikoff at To learn more about the Freedom Schools, click the link below.  


DEADLINE MAY 15, 2024 

For nearly 80 years, Sawtooth has been a creative hub for the region – an energetic craft school environment in downtown Winston – Salem, NC. Our year-long Artists-in-Residence programs encourage the development of new skills, connections, and bodies of work while assisting with studio operations.  

Ceramic Residents, 2 in wood firing and 1 in electric/gas firing are given 24/7 access to studio space, material at cost, free firings, and the opportunity to teach, inspire, and energize our community. 

The Gondring Resident in Woodworking will receive round-the-clock access to Wood and Lathe studios, a semi-private studio space, and a $3,000 stipend in exchange for working several hours per week.  

Residents are chosen by the Studio Directors, along with a rotating jury. Applicants are evaluated based on the quality of their work, their dedication to their craft, and their willingness to bring fresh perspectives to the creative community at Sawtooth.  

Applications are due May 15, 2024. The residencies will start August 1, 2024, and end July 31, 2025 


CYCLE 1: Opens March 26, 2024 – Deadline May 7, 2024 

CYCLE 2: Opens July 15, 2024 – Deadline September 3, 2024

South Arts recognizes that more than an invitation to participate in a significant milestone opportunity is required; even with stipends or payments, overall expenses can make such an opportunity inaccessible. To ensure that artists from our region can take full advantage of major opportunities, South Arts offers Individual Artists Career Opportunity Grants

These grants of up to $2,000 are available for artists in our nine-state region (AL, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, and TN) to take advantage of milestone opportunity in their careers, and will support opportunities taking place between July 1, 2024, and June 30, 2025. 

Preview the guidelines so you can begin your application soon! 


South Arts in offering three workshops between March and June 

The Role of the Arts in Climate Adaptation and Migration : 11:00 am – 12:30 pm ET : June 12, 2024 

Increasing population shifts are predicted in the future resulting in communities throughout the United States receiving newcomers. This presentation introduces climate adaptation and migration in addition to strategies and resources to help prepare communities to welcome newcomers, whether they are climate migrants, refugees, or immigrants. Since both environmental and cultural changes disproportionally impact marginalized communities, planning should not be color-blind to help not replication past injustices. Discussions include roles, players and issues in your location, assessing your situation, and taking action. 

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