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Forsyth’s Got Talent

The Arts Council’s series of workplace campaigns at local companies and institutions have long been a major component of its overall annual Community Fund for the Arts campaign. Workplace campaigns have not been spared from the disruptive impact of the COVID-19 crisis. The typical onsite, in-person, exciting rallies with employees at their workplaces – which included bake sales, auctions, contests, live entertainment and more – have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely because of the crisis protocols.

Fortunately, that’s not end of the story. Most of The Arts Council’s workplace supporters

are adapting to the new reality and finding new ways to conduct their campaigns. The employees of Forsyth County’s Workplace Campaign, headed by Linda Gaskins and Janice Hillanbrand, fully embraced the challenge and launched their first-ever virtual Campaign raising close to $10,000. With the theme of “Arts In Healing”, their campaign  had an online art auction, departmental contests and challenges, pledge prizes and an online talent show “Forsyth’s Got Talent.”

The commitment of the Forsyth County employees to The Arts Council’s success is humbling. Their hard work and creativity inspires us and we will be taking the lessons learned from them

to others. The links below showcase the winners and a few of the other entrants to the online talent show.

Thank you Forsyth County employees- Forsyth’s got talent and heart!

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