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Student Artist of the Month: February 2018

In partnership with Forsyth County high schools and Windsor Jewelers, The Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County is proud to present the Student Artist of the Month.

All Forsyth County high schools (private, public, and charter) that have arts programming were invited to participate in the Student Artist of the Month program. Arts educators and administrators from each school will select one student each month for recognition based on academic rigor and artistic merit.  A variety of arts disciplines will be recognized over the course of the school year.

Sommer Stephens

Atkins Academic & Technology High School

Principal: Joe Childers

SAM Coordinator: Janet Blakely

Nominating Teacher: Janet Blakely

Arts Discipline: Visual Arts

Grade: 11

GPA/QPA: 4.3

What is your favorite part of the arts genre in which you were selected? I like being able to use different things you normally wouldn’t find in an art piece and have all the parts come together in the finished piece.

Where would you most like to attend college and what might be your major? I want to go to Cornell University, hopefully major in Zoology, and minor in Art or Music.

What is your proudest artistic accomplishment? Probably this year, having my art go to the Art Showcase state finals. Also winning a reflections art competition a few years ago.

How will the arts influence your future career? It helps me to capture a new perspective on life. I’m able to use my creativity in projects. Especially going into Zoology, it would help me to draw sketches of the animals I study.

Hayley Gladstone

Calvary Day School

Principal: Rick Bohner

SAM Coordinator: Vera Boston

Nominating Teacher: Vera Boston

Arts Discipline: Theatre

Grade: 12

GPA/QPA: 3.84

What is your favorite part of the arts genre in which you were selected? My favorite part about theatre is the way a show, with all its separate components, can come together and tell a wonderful story.