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Closing Shift

Sponsored Partner: Marc-Alain Bertoni

Arts Council is proud to serve as a fiscal agent for Closing Shift Short Film.

Casey, a 20-something year-old stoner jealous of her successful friends, works the night shift at a dying movie theater. Her shift co-workers are Eric, a nervous youth with a crush on Casey, and Reggie, the stressed-out manager.

When Eric attempts to close the theater early to impress Casey, a family of four show up outside, demanding to be let in. While their attitude is unsettling, Reggie opens the door and lets the family into the theater.

Unfortunately for the staff, the family’s entertainment for the night isn’t watching their movie, but slowly picking off the employees one by one.


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Arts Council of Winston-Salem & Forsyth County

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Memo: Closing Shift Short Film


Katie Hall

Chief Marketing Officer and VP, Development

(336) 747-1421

About Arts Council's Fiscal Sponsorships

In 2021, Arts Council launched a new service to the community by serving as a fiscal agent for projects that fulfil our mission as the chief advocate of arts and culture in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. A fiscal agent is an established IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that agrees to accept donations on behalf of a group that does not have IRS tax exemption. By serving as a fiscal agent for various local projects, we are better able to support the arts and cultural community by accepting funds on our partner's behalf and granting them back to our partner organization. This gives donors a tax deduction for their gift and helps for us to better fulfil our mission at Arts Council. 

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