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ARTS Leadership Cohort: Awaken. Reflect. Transform. Sustain.

What is my unique leadership style and how can I leverage it effectively?

What are the patterns and habits that hold me back in certain situations?

How can I achieve better results in my professional work and relationships?


Join us for ARTS Leadership: a learning cohort that uses the Enneagram as a tool to help answer these questions and more. This interactive and transformative journey of self-discovery, growth, and leadership development will include a combination of personal reflection, group work, and one-on-one sessions led by Ryan Deal – veteran arts and culture nonprofit leader, Enneagram practitioner and certified Self Actualization and Leadership Development Coach.


Participants will determine which of the 9 Enneagram Types is home, develop strategies to move “outside the box” of their type, and learn to more effectively navigate relationships with other types. Together, we will reconnect with our purpose, unlock our potential, and begin making even more meaningful impacts in our organizations and community.


Audience: The cohort will include 12-15 arts and culture nonprofit professionals. Priority consideration will be given to those who are “mid-career” – for example: 30 to 40-somethings who are in roles at/similar to the Manager, Director, VP level and/or those who are new to leadership roles in smaller nonprofit organizations. The ARTS Leadership Cohort may include more than one person from a given organization, but without the existence of reporting relationships in the room. Admission to the program will be based on the submission of an interest form. Cohort members will demonstrate an interest in self-development work, a willingness to fully engage in a community of practice, and support of the individual’s supervisor. Due to the limited size of the group, all who indicate interest may not be accepted. With limited exception, it is expected that admission will be made in the order that interest forms are received. Interest forms will be received and reviewed by Fourward Bound.


Key Dates: (participants are required to attend all program sessions)

• Interest Form Deadline: Friday, January 26 at 5p

• 1:1 Enneagram Typing Interview: scheduled at a mutually convenient time in February

• In-Person Program Kick-Off: Wednesday, March 13: 1-5p, & Thursday, March 14: 9a-1p

• Virtual Group Sessions: 2-5p on Thursdays March 28, April 11, and April 25

• 1:1 Follow-Up Coaching: scheduled at a mutually convenient time in May


Interested in Participating? Click here to complete your interest form. 


This is a sponsored project of Arts Council of Arts Council of Winston-Salem & Forsyth County and funded through ARPA supported by the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners.


The Enneagram is an ancient tool that supports self-actualization work with modern applications in psychology, spirituality, and somatic learning. Grounded by 9 distinct personality "types" or ways of being, the Enneagram illuminates our unique gifts and how they are overleveraged at times rather than connecting to less familiar, though helpful, aspects of ourselves.

Bringing awareness to how our Enneagram type operates brings us closer to our unique gifts, helps us see patterns that do not serve us well in certain situations, and offers us tools we can use to drive different outcomes. Taking this journey in community allows us to learn about others as we learn more about ourselves.


Ryan Deal, founder of and principal consultant with Fourward Bound, is a Leadership Development and Self Actualization coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation. He is a lifelong student and practitioner of the Enneagram, with over 200 hours of training with the Narrative Enneagram and maintains a regular client base of individuals who are using the Enneagram to achieve better results in their lives. With more than 15 years professional experience in the performing arts, nonprofit management, and philanthropy,

Ryan brings a keen interest in supporting the personal and professional development of creative individuals and nonprofit professionals.

To learn more about Fourward Bound, visit To contact Ryan Deal, email

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