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Vultures - A Short Film

Arts Council is proud to serve as a fiscal agent for VULTURES.

Fundraising goal: $50,000


The Story

On the eve of achieving the success he's always dreamed of, a struggling painter is challenged to find value in himself before he is consumed by the socialites who prepare to buy his work.



Based on Aesop's classic fable of the Raven and Swan, Vultures speaks against a deep lie in our culture: that we are only as valuable as what we have done. As Remnant Entertainment's first major project, we seek to establish our company on the truth that our value lies outside of our achievements and operate our creative endeavors in the freedom that it provides.


The Team

We continue to hear from filmmakers and actors who are desperate to leave Los Angelas and find somewhere, anywhere, else that they can work. In an era of reboots and spinoffs, we are all tired of the content rebranded and sold back to us time and time again. It is Remnant's goal to establish a mini-major studio here on the East Coast that can compete at a Hollywood level without having to operate within the Hollywood paradigm - to commit ourselves to originality and to build an entertainment company worthy of that goal. Vultures is the statement that will start us on that journey.


The Plan

Production Budget: $50,000

Run Time: 18-23 minutes

Shoot days: 5-6

Start of Principle Photography: June 26th, 2023

Goal: Major festival run including Sundance Film Festival, South X Southwest Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, and the 2024 Academy Awards




**All donations are through the Winston-Salem Arts Council and are fully tax deductible**

- Any donation = your name in the official credits

- $100+ = Ltd Ed Vultures "It's a metaphor" T-Shirt

- $500+ = 11"x17" poster signed by key cast and crew

- $1000+ = Signed film bible including pitch look-book, original script, and production photos

- $5000+ = Invitation to a table read dinner with the director and cast

- $10,000+ = Special partner credit. Invitation to any major festivals we show in. Option on early investment round for Remnant's first feature in 2024.

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Support this project. 

You can support VULTURES by: 

-OR- Mail a check to Arts Council (251 N Spruce Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101) with VULTURES in the memo line. 

In 2021, Arts Council launched a new service to the community by serving as a fiscal agent for projects that fulfil our mission as the chief advocate of arts and culture in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. A fiscal agent is an established IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that agrees to accept donations on behalf of a group that does not have IRS tax exemption. By serving as a fiscal agent for various local projects, we are better able to support the arts and cultural community by accepting funds on our partner's behalf and granting them back to our partner organization. This gives donors a tax deduction for their gift and helps for us to better fulfil our mission at Arts Council. 

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