Vice President of Facilities Operations

Summary Description of Position

The Vice President of Facilities Operations (“VPFO”) is responsible for managing all of The Arts Council’s facilities, which include several performing and exhibition venues as well as administrative spaces. The VPFO reports directly to the President and CEO, works closely (on an ongoing basis) with the leaders of other function areas and also works frequently with other Arts Council staff to help ensure (a) the effective delivery of multi-faceted services that support the community’s constellation of vibrant and diverse arts organizations and individual artists and (b) that The Arts Council’s overall operations are extending the beneficial impacts of that arts constellation to “touch every corner” of our diverse community.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

The VPFO is a member of the senior leadership team and reports directly to the President and CEO. A core function of The Arts Council is its ownership and operation of several strategic facilities that provide performing, exhibition and special event venues, and/or administrative “home” spaces, for numerous arts organizations, artists and other community users. The VPFO is directly responsible for managing and directing all aspects of the operations of these facilities, which are valuable community assets. As a member of the senior leadership team, the VPFO must work collaboratively and collegially with team leaders for other areas (e.g., Development, Communications, Finance and Partners Services) to foster teamwork and esprit de corps throughout The Arts Council, across function areas and lines of responsibility. “Unity of Efforts” is a fundamental principle for The Arts Council’s work. The principal duties and responsibilities of the VPFO include, but are not limited to, the following:

Property Management and Administration

  • Planning and supervising the performance of all matters necessary or prudent for the operations, security and safety, maintenance, and overall upkeep and proper functioning of The Arts Council’s facilities and grounds, which include the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts (of which the historic Sawtooth Building is a major part) and its adjacent parking lot and garage, the Hanesbrands Theatre and The Arts Council Extension building.

  • The foregoing includes negotiating for, procuring and maintaining infrastructure support services for all facilities, such as electrical and other power, water and sanitation, telecom, Internet and other IT, property and casualty and liability insurance coverages, and so on.

  • Administering The Arts Council’s relationship as landlord with the several tenants of its facilities, which responsibility includes: negotiating lease arrangements; establishing, monitoring and enforcing guidelines and protocols for activities conducted on the premises; responding promptly and appropriately to tenant concerns and issues; and otherwise facilitating an environment for healthy ongoing relationships.

  • Planning, deploying, supervising and evaluating the Arts Council’s personnel in the performance of the foregoing (and in the performance of their respective duties and responsibilities otherwise).

Performing, Exhibition and Event Venues

  • Planning and supervising all aspects of the operations of the several performing, exhibition and event venues that are housed within The Arts Council’s facilities, which venues include three multi-function theatres, three art galleries, an arts gift shop, among others; and proactive marketing and promotion of such venues to potential users thereof and the general public.

  • The foregoing includes: (i) developing and maintaining a master schedule/calendar (covering at least one year in advance) for the efficient, effective and equitable utilization of all venues for suitable events; (ii) conducting tours for prospective users; (iii) negotiating contract terms with performing groups, event sponsors and other users; (iv) establishing and maintaining appropriate relationships with relevant theatrical unions; (v) planning and overseeing the development and deployment of marketing and promotional materials for specific events and The Arts Council’s venues in general – such as marquees, banners, posters, performance rack cards, etc.; and (vi) planning and overseeing all logistical support and services required for each event.

  • Such logistical matters include: coordinating the procurement of volunteer and/or part-time personnel for event support; box office, concessions and other patron services; event house management functions; parking for patrons and others; security and safety measures; supervising the activities of internal and third-party volunteers; and coordinating the load-in and load-out processes for events.

  • Planning and supervising all aspects of Arts Council-sponsored special events held at non-Arts Council locations, such as the Summer Park Concerts Series held at Tanglewood and Triad Parks own by Forsyth County and potential events in Winston Square Park owned by the City of Winston-Salem.

  • Assuring full, accurate and prompt accounting for the financial component of all events (e.g., concessions, parking, gallery and gift shop receipts, event-related expenses, etc.).

Executive Leadership and Institution-Building

  • Proactive participation in The Arts Council’s budget preparation processes.

  • Liaison to the Facilities and Capital Projects Committee of The Arts Council’s Board of Trustees (the “Board”), and participation in all Board meetings and in meetings of other Board Committees as needed.

  • De facto “ambassador” to partner arts organizations (and the community in general) to help promote The Arts Council and its mission of “Touching Every Corner” of the community with the beneficial impacts of the arts.

  • Establishing and maintaining high-quality relationships with City and County elected public officials and with other City and County personnel whose assistance, cooperation or goodwill can facilitate successful performance of the VPFO’s responsibilities.

Education, Experience and Skills Requirements

To be eligible for the VPFO position, a candidate should have a degree in theatre or arts management or administration, or in a comparable field of study, from an accredited college or university. Prior work experience in the management of a performing arts venue is required. The VPFO position requires the following specific skills and competencies:

  • Strong competency in budgeting and financial planning for a function area.

  • Strong written and verbal communications skills, and the ability to communicate effectively with people of varying educational levels and backgrounds.

  • Strong interpersonal skills, the ability and willingness to work collaboratively and collegially with others and the discipline to comply with Arts Council policies and procedures.

  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to handle and supervise multiple and varied projects, to self-start and organize one’s workload, and to coordinate with others to ensure that deadlines are met and results are promptly reported.

  • Strong competencies in working with Microsoft Office products, including Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  • Commitment to high quality, accountability and attention to the details of every project.

  • Receptive and responsive to constructive criticism, and committed to self-improvement.

Salary and Benefits

The salary for the VPFO position will be in the range of $60,000 to $65,000, depending on the person’s experience and skill levels. The position qualifies for the full range of Arts Council employee benefits, which include health insurance, 403B match after 1 year of employment, paid vacation, sick leave and holidays.

Submission and Deadline

Interested persons should submit a cover letter and resume to W. Randy Eaddy, President and CEO, at, by June 30, 2020. Submissions may be considered as they are received, and a decision might be made, before that date. Materials submitted after that date might not be considered.

The Arts Council of Winston-Salem & Forsyth County is an equal opportunity employer.

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