President and Chief Executive Officer

President and Chief Executive Officer

Posting Date: August 18, 2020

Summary of Position and Context

The Arts Council of Winston-Salem & Forsyth County – the first arts council in the country, with a storied history of leadership in supporting and nurturing a community’s arts constellation – is seeking its next leader. The President and Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) directs, supervises and leads all aspects of The Arts Council’s multi-faceted operations, and is also a full member of The Arts Council’s Board of Trustees, participating directly in governance and establishment of strategic direction for the organization. Because of The Arts Council’s recognized unique and impactful role in supporting the community’s vibrant and diverse arts constellation, the President and CEO – as the leader and “face” of The Arts Council – is an important community leader. The President and CEO engages frequently with other community leaders from government, business, education and philanthropy to advance strategic initiatives for the community’s economic, cultural and other development as the “City of Arts & Innovation” and a great place to live, work, learn and play.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

The President and CEO and reports directly to the Board of Trustees (“Board”), and engages frequently with the Chair of the Board and the Executive Committee, which serves as the de facto strategic planning committee of the Board. The President and CEO – via direct reports from team leaders for major function areas – directs, supervises and leads all aspects of the multi-faceted operations of The Arts Council, which include operating multiple strategic facilities; providing grants and other direct financial support to numerous arts organizations and individual artists; and providing multi-faceted, non-financial, support services to the organizations and individuals who comprise the community’s arts constellation. The President and CEO also provides substantial hands-on support and assistance with fundraising activities that sustain the foregoing operations. Within those overall responsibilities, the President and CEO’s specific duties include (but are not limited to) the following:

Management of Internal Operations

  • Ensuring effective and efficient management and operation of The Arts Council’s multiple strategic facilities, which provide the administrative homes for several arts organizations and which also contain dynamic multi-functional venues for performances, exhibitions and other artistic events and activities.

  • Ensuring that The Arts Council’s operating model and profile are delivering impactful support to the community’s arts constellation, consistent with financial constraints and fiscally-prudent practices, which support includes multi-faceted services that (a) foster joint efforts and other collaborations among varied organizations and artists, and promote their respective programming, and (b) promote the value and beneficial impacts of the arts to the community.

  • Leading the development and implementation of a fundraising model and infrastructure that reflect prevailing and evolving philanthropic, corporate and other financial support environments for the arts as well as The Arts Council’s operating profile.

  • Leading the revamping of The Arts Council’s programs and models for providing grants and other direct financial support to arts organizations and artists in order to ensure their alignment with The Arts Council’s impact and inclusion objectives.

  • Ensuring that The Arts Council’s operations reflect and advance its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and its objective of “touching every corner” of the community with the beneficial impacts of the arts.

  • Planning, deploying, supervising, coaching and assisting The Arts Council’s personnel in performing their respective duties and responsibilities, and fostering teamwork, esprit de corps and the principle of “Unity of Efforts” throughout the organization.

Engagement with Arts Partners and the Arts Constellation

  • Proactively interacting with the leadership of partner arts organizations to develop and deepen relationships that lead to mutual benefits and a more brilliant arts constellation.

  • Leading The Arts Council in its role a key convener and facilitator of conversations with and among arts organizations and artists, helping them find ways in which they can benefit through joint or other collaborative efforts.

  • Leading The Arts Council’s objective of facilitating the deep-dive research, critical analyses and systematic planning that are required to convert the appealing concepts of “shared services” and “collective-capacity” into effective realities that can deliver cost-saving benefits to arts partners and others in the arts constellation.

Community Engagement and Civic Leadership

  • Establishing and maintaining high-quality relationships with city, county and state elected public officials and with other government personnel whose assistance, cooperation or influence can facilitate The Arts Council’s success.

  • Developing strategic relationships with influential leaders and other constituents in the business, educational and philanthropic communities.

  • Proactively supporting initiatives to use the vibrancy and diversity of the community’s arts constellation to assist local businesses, colleges and universities, and other institutions with recruitment and retention.

  • Developing and conveying strategic messages, on an ongoing basis, to increase public awareness of the value and beneficial impacts of the arts to everyone in the community.

Institution Building and Enhancement

  • Facilitating and assisting proactively the ongoing cultivation and recruitment of influential individuals for membership on the Board.

  • Facilitating engagement and active participation by Board members in the governance and strategic oversight of The Arts Council’s operations.

  • Facilitating and leading processes for ongoing analysis and planning to enhance The Arts Council’s operations and implementation of its strategic vision.

  • Leading The Arts Council’s pursuit of a community-wide initiative to increase public sector financial support for the arts, as being both good government and good business.

  • Maintaining and enhancing The Arts Council’s involvement with state and national arts agencies and other institutional sources of potential support and advocacy for the arts.

Education, Experience and Key Personal Attributes

To be eligible, a candidate must have (a) at least a bachelor’s degree in arts management or business administration, or a higher-level degree in a professional discipline, from an accredited college or university, (b) several years of experience as the senior executive or administrative leader of a substantial arts organization with multiple constituencies and (c) a demonstrable track record of leadership that is at once visionary, innovative and pragmatic.

The President and CEO must be an individual of impeccable integrity and trustworthiness, who is committed to transparency as a management and leadership style, and who possesses the following additional attributes:

  • Exceptional competencies in fundraising and advocacy, and strong competencies in financial planning and budget preparation and analysis.

  • Exceptional competency as a listener, clear thinker, and processor and assimilator of complex, nuanced and competing facts and ideas.

  • Exceptional written and verbal communications skills, and the ability to engage effectively with people of varying backgrounds and educational and experiential profiles.

  • Exceptional competencies in facilitating, adapting to and advocating for change as necessary or prudent to address dynamic or evolving circumstances.

  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work collegially while also providing direction and coaching.

  • Self-confidence balanced with humility and intellectual curiosity and objectivity, and with the capacity for self-reflection and critical self-evaluation.

  • Political astuteness, professionalism and grace under pressure.

Compensation and Benefits

The compensation for the President and CEO includes a competitive annual salary, an incentive bonus plan for additional annual compensation, and company-wide employee benefits that include health insurance, 403B match after one (1) year of employment, four (4) weeks of paid vacation, sick leave and holidays. Additional benefits for The President and CEO include membership dues for a dining or social club and appropriate professional associations. A reasonable relocation package will be available, if applicable.

Submission and Deadline

Interested persons should submit a cover letter and resume to Rick Moss, Chair of the Succession Planning Committee, at, by September 30, 2020. Submissions are likely to be considered as they are received, and a decision might be made, before that date. Materials submitted after that date might not be considered.

The Arts Council of Winston-Salem & Forsyth County is an equal opportunity employer.

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