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Part-Time Bookkeeper - Piedmont Craftsmen

Position Overview

The Bookkeeper reports directly to President and CEO, and works closely with other senior staff members. The position requires depth of knowledge in accounting and attention to detail and deadlines. Experience working with non-profits is preferred, but not required. Experience working with non-profit arts organizations is a plus.

This is a part-time, contract position that requires work to be done onsite. Hourly rate is $25 per hour. Hours average from 6-8 hours per week. Additional hours are needed during our annual audit in January, annual Craft Fair in November, during holiday season in December, or as needed.

Position Responsibilities

• Work with CEO and staff to plan & execute annual budget and monitor income to expenses per budget.

• Monitor revenues and costs to ensure compliance with accounting standards: o Review all deposits of Piedmont Craftsmen revenues for Gallery, Crafts Fair, donations, etc. o Reviews accounting of petty cash and shop cash boxes.

o Maintain and reconcile financial spread sheets prepared by staff, QuickBooks accounts, and receipt files.

o Review and issues payments for invoices and monthly or ongoing expenses.

o Reconcile each account with the monthly bank statements. Print & file QB reconcile reports.

• Payroll and Employee Related Items (most of these will be filed online)

o Prepares payroll for salaried and hourly employees. Payments scheduled online with direct deposit.

o Prepares and pays federal and state withholding taxes before monthly deadlines. o Prepares and files quarterly federal and state withholding taxes by deadlines.

o Prepares and files W-2s and 1099s for all staff and contract labor by deadlines. o Prepares and issues monthly health insurance payments.

• Gallery

o Work with Gallery Director to process and produce monthly payments to craftsmen.

o Tracks shop credits and gift certificates amounts.

o Prepares forms for payment of monthly sales tax. Payments filed online.

o Enter owned inventory sales and payments.

• Prepares forms and submits quarterly sales tax refund.

• Work with CEO and other staff to ensure accuracy and to prepare for annual audit. Enters adjusting entries received from the auditor.

• Work with Operations Director at annual Craftsmen’s Fair to insure accurate gate count, handling, reconciliation and deposits of admission cash.

• Work with admin and shop staffs to ensure correct tracking of income and expenses. Creates journal entries as directed by CEO to correct errors.

• Prepare and file other forms as needed. Job Description – Bookkeeper 2023 2 2/10/2023

Key Competencies


• Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree preferred, but not required with multiple years of related experience.

• Minimum of 3 years related experience with significant bookkeeping responsibilities at any business.

• Commitment to the mission and goals of Piedmont Craftsmen.

• Emotional maturity, self-confidence, and a sense of humor.

• Demonstrated ability to work successfully in a small team setting with a consensus building model.

• Must be able to work during the annual Crafts Fair as well as other special events if needed.

Organizational Skills

• Finely tuned time/task management skills.

• Flexibility to work effectively and efficiently with multiple constituencies.

• A self-starter with the ability to organize tasks with an outlook for deadlines. Communication

• Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills plus strong planning, administrative, and organizational skills.

• Must possesses a high degree of integrity, trust, respect, and professionalism.

• Must be fluent in English. Speaking a second language is always a plus.