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Innovative Intersections

Arts Council is proud to serve as a fiscal agent for INNOVATIVE INTERSECTIONS.

Innovative Intersections is a community led project to address pedestrian safety through public art. Based on research that proves asphalt art increases driver awareness and pedestrian safety, we propose to paint the intersection of Northwest Blvd. and N. Hawthorne Road. The project area extends from the school zone markings in front of Wiley Magnet Middle along both streets in both directions to the center box of the intersection and potentially the signal box as well.


We are raising funds to pay for road closures, tools, materials, labor, as well as event-related supplies for volunteers. The estimated cost of the project is $16,000. 


A Wiley Magnet Middle School student waits for the pedestrian light to cross N. Hawthorne Road on his way to school.

The student finally receives the pedestrian light signaling it is safe to cross however a car stopped at the intersection was blocking the crosswalk. This is not entirely the driver’s fault—the crosswalk does not have high visibility striping and the paint that outlines it is deteriorating making it unclear where cars should stop. But as it is blocking the crosswalk, it forces the student to walk around the car into the box or the car to move forward on a red light.

Drivers are often preoccupied with dropping of children, weighing the length of drop off lines, anxious to get to work. Students are also often distracted by conversations and cell phones.

This intersection is heavily used by large vehicles, not only buses and semi-trucks, but as an emergency route it sees high volumes of fast-moving ambulances, police vehicles and fire trucks. The intersection is congested requiring tight turns by large vehicles that often roll over and have damaged the curb. On this corner, an signal box obscures the sight lines and forces students to wait close to the curb.

Support this project. 


-OR- Mail a check to Arts Council of Winston-Salem & Forsyth County (251 N Spruce Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101). Note INNOVATIVE INTERSECTIONS in the memo line of your check.

In 2021, Arts Council launched a new service to the community by serving as a fiscal agent for projects that fulfil our mission as the chief advocate of arts and culture in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. A fiscal agent is an established IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that agrees to accept donations on behalf of a group that does not have IRS tax exemption. By serving as a fiscal agent for various local projects, we are better able to support the arts and cultural community by accepting funds on our partner's behalf and granting them back to our partner organization. This gives donors a tax deduction for their gift and helps for us to better fulfil our mission at Arts Council. 

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