Mediums in Motion
An interactive journey from
Affee Vickers

May 6 - June 11


Affee Vickers is the persona of arts and innovation. With his West Indian heritage and longstanding career in fabrication, construction and music, Vickers founded Affee’s Art Design in 1990. His creative ingenuity in the areas of glass, acrylic, oil, stainless steel, titanium, copper, wood, and abstract art are distinctively unique and captivating. Vickers’ deep-rooted sense of artistry in custom made intricate art designs are meticulously created for those with a discerning eye and great appreciation for artistic value. Mediums in Motion is a culmination of Vickers’ passion for seeing art in all aspects of life.


“In this exhibit, I bring forth my West Indian roots to the forefront through an array of mediums. Mediums in Motion is an interactive exhibition and culmination of my passion for seeing art in all aspects of life. As a self-taught artist, I have honed my craft through life experience and creative expression of the world around me. I feel it’s important that we preserve the art of true craftsmanship within our world of ever-changing technology. The heart and soul of my artistry is the commitment to produce the highest quality product from start to finish.”

- Affee Vickers, Featured Guest Artist