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Terpsicorps Theatre of Dance

Before the Scream

July 18-20 @ 8pm

The meaning of any work of art, visual or performing, is subject to the imagination of the viewer. Maloy is utilizing this fact to bring Edvard Munch's "The Scream" to life. A series of strikingly different vignettes will explore potential moments leading up to the iconic symbol of human suffering. The dancers, handpicked annually from critically acclaimed ballet and contemporary companies across the US and abroad, will show off their athletic prowess in the accompanying work, ‘Second Line’. Set to New Orleans style jazz, this work pays homage to how music and an unstoppable love of community helped rebuild one of our nation’s most precious gems.  Join us ahead of time at 7pm for our annual pre-show chat and champagne toast, Bubbles and Ballet! Just $10 to learn all about the creative process behind the show. Tickets for the pre-show sold separately at

Get ready for another thrilling Terpsicorps premiere! Featuring interactive projections and Heather Maloy’s spectacularly creative choreography, ‘Before the Scream’ promises to touch your heart, your soul… and your funny bone.

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Hanesbrands Theatre
209 North Spruce Street, Winston-Salem, NC, USA
At the corner of Spruce and Second St.

1h 30m (including two 15 minute intermissions)

Recommended for ages 13 & up

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