Art Nouveau Winston-Salem

The next generation of Winston-Salem working to realize the full potential of our city’s arts and culture. 

As a new generation starts building their lives in 21st century Winston-Salem, it is more important than ever that we engage younger leaders in the art community – as well as in business, education, government, technology, and medicine – in building a strong community among them centered on the arts. Our bottom line is that we will need young people’s participation in arts and culture today, if we are to realize Winston-Salem and Forsyth County’s full potential tomorrow.

Mission of Art Nouveau Winston-Salem (ANWS):

By building awareness of cultural opportunities and encouraging participation, ANWS strives to cultivate a community of young people with a commitment to supporting the future of arts and artists in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County.

How we do it

  • We attend arts and culture events throughout the month as a group. These events are voted on by our board the month before to ensure we are supporting events that we think young people will like and that advance our mission of making Winston-Salem great(er).

  • By working closely with corporate partners and reaching newcomers through their workplaces, we welcome young people to the community, educate them about arts and culture opportunities in the city, and point them towards the things that get them the most excited.

  • And other initiatives, projects, and events as they come up.

To learn more about ANWS and how you can get involved, please contact Shannon Stokes at or 336-747-1416, sign up for our emails, or follow us on.

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