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Form / Texture / Light / Shadow Virtual Q & A

Join the artists, curator and models of the “Form / Texture / Light / Shadow” exhibition for a virtual Q & A. This event, moderated by Shannon Stokes, Patron Services and Events Manager with The Arts Council of Winston-Salem & Forsyth County, will discuss the origins and impact of the exhibition.

The artists Jasmine Huff & Nannette Davis will discuss their artistic practice, how they began collaborating and artwork featured in the exhibition. This virtual event was free and will be held via Zoom Friday, October 2, 2020 at 7:00 PM EST.

Form / Texture / Light / Shadow exhibition will be on display through October 15, 2020 in the Arboreal Gallery of the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts at 251 N. Spruce Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101. For more information visit

Jasmine and Nannette inspire each other. Each body of work compelling the other to grow within their unique mediums. Each work echoing off the other. The light and shadow in the photography reflects the texture and form within the jewelry.

How their collaboration came together: Nannette debuted a custom jewelry collection with fashion designer Puja Arora at Winston-Salem Fashion Week 2018, which developed into a collection that was shown at New York Fashion Week 2019 (NYFW 2019). To honor the NYFW 2019 collection, Jasmine and Nannette began discussing how photography could be used creatively to enhance the presentation of the jewelry.

Their vision was a photographic narrative that showcased not only how the jewelry was to be worn, but how each piece

transforms its wearer. Jasmine’s photography offers a new view of the collection, which elevates both the models and the jewelry

they are wearing into works of art, wholly and fully beautiful. Nannette shared that vision, and it continues as the foundation of

the Jasmine and Nannette collaboration.

Jasmine Huff

Jasmine Huff | An intuitive visual artist, writer, and craftswoman, Jasmine Huff started her career early. As the daughter of local artists James and Earnestine Huff, she exhibited and sold her art, photography in her family’s gallery, Huff Art Studio when she was only five years old. At nineteen, she graduated from Salem College where she earned her BA in Film and Media Studies. She continued her studies at Northwestern University where she graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in Documentary Media in 2016. With a desire to keep things fresh and continue to expand her versatile portfolio, Jasmine now divides her time between exhibiting her work, freelancing as a photographer and filmmaker, co-running Huff Art Studio, and teaching media studies courses.


Connect: @JasmineHuffPhotography |

Nannette Gatti Davis

Nannette Gatti Davis | Nannette Gatti Davis has been designing and fabricating in metals since 1991. After graduating with her degree in Jewelry Metalsmithing, she began her career working with metals in Chicago, where her collaboration with various designers inspired her to start making her own collections. She is a metals design instructor at Sawtooth School for Visual Art, where she works to foster a love and appreciation for art and art education. After her years of creating and teaching she has turned her attention to the world of fashion design and has been a participating designer in several Runway Fashion Week Shows. Nannette's collections draw inspiration from her training in graphic design which allows for a unique combination of her love of line, light, texture, and form. With these fundamental design elements in mind she uses a variety of techniques to create pieces with tactile exploration of layers and materials.


Connect: @nannettedesigns |


We thank the following organizations and supporters for making this exhibition possible:

Curator: Lindsay Piper Potter-Figueiredo

Models: Jerotich Yegon and Emily Ortiz Badalamente

Studio Space: The Sawtooth School For Visual Art

Coordinating Producer: Shannon Stokes

Art Nouveau Winston-Salem

The Arts Council of Winston-Salem & Forsyth County