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Pursuit of an Afterlife

Arts Council is proud to serve as a fiscal agent for PURSUIT OF AN AFTERLIFE.

Pursuit of an Afterlife is a docuseries that explores the scientific research conducted on death phenomena. "Dying patients and their caregivers frequently experience that which is known as deathbed phenomena, that is, visions of past deceased relatives or friends, religious figures, and a visionary language pertaining to travel (Marzzarino-Willet, PubMed)." Death phenomena generally involve glimpses of an alternative reality that experiencers and researchers reference as being components of a potential afterlife. 

In this docuseries, death phenomena research will be melded with heartfelt, otherworldly stories shared by death phenomena experiencers around the world and across generations. 

Video provided by: WILLIAM PETERS: Shared Death Researcher, Founder of THE SHARED CROSSING PROJECT, and author of AT HEAVEN'S DOOR

The interviews will be shot in 4K with four cameras used: a wide, two individual cameras and a floating "artistic" camera. The footage on the floating camera will be slowed to emphasize specific looks, profiles, expressions, and objects of importance. In combination with this interview footage, a sketch artist will depict visuals that capture the stories shared.'

The pilot episode will feature Dr. Raymond Moody. Dr. Moody is a philosopher, physician, psychiatrist and author that has been researching death phenomenon since the late 1960's. He coined the phrase near-death experience and the phrase shared-death experience. His book, Life after Life, has sold over 20 million copies. Dr. Moody will share what he has learned over five decades of death phenomena research. 

Medical Community Starting to accept data and talk about it.png

The medical community is beginning to accept data and talk about it. 

People who experience Death Phenomenon tend to feel more hopeful and purposeful. 

Death Phenomenon Research is now being published in peer reviewed medical journals.